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Virtuous Life  is a Catholic outreach ministry committed to the Church's vision of the New Evangelization. Our mission is to inspire Catholics to deepen their relationship with Christ and equip them for a life of evangelization.
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About Virtuous Life

Chris Zajdzinski is a former Non-Denominational Christian who at one time believed the Catholic Church was a heretical non-Christian organization. His conversion story illustrates the difficulties along with the joy of entering the Church with his wife and 4 children on Divine Mercy Sunday 2008.


What is the New Evangelization and why is there a need for it? What are the obstacles to overcome and the strategies for success? This series is designed to assist Diocesan and parish leaders seeking to develop faith formation programs for the New Evangelization.


The Faith Uncovered series presents the core message of Christianity with an approach that is compelling and easy to understand.  It is designed to help foster a more connected and practical understanding of how the truths of Church teaching lay a foundation for a life of joy, peace and happiness.

  • How can we know truth?
  • Why did God create us?
  • What is “salvation”? Who will be saved and how?
  • What is the purpose of the Church and the Sacraments?
  • Mary, Purgatory, Contraception, Indulgences, Saints

The Life in the Spirit series outlines the role of the Holy Spirit in our life, and provides a practical approach for releasing the transforming power of grace into daily living.

  • The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The power of Grace and the Spirit
  • Living a sacramental life
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Reasons to Believe series provides effective strategies for explaining uniquely Catholic doctrines to Protestant “Bible Christians.”

  • Church history and Protestantism
  • Purgatory, Papal Infallibility, Indulgences
  • The role of Scripture and Tradition
  • Marian doctrines
  • Contraception, Saints, the Sacraments, and more

Drawing from the biblical narrative of the Israelite journey out of slavery and their struggle to conquer the Promised Land, the Virtuous Life series focuses on the purpose and necessity of virtue, and the process by which it is acquired.

  • What is virtue?
  • The purpose of the Theological and Human virtues
  • How do we become virtuous?
  • The role of the Holy Spirit
  • Overcoming a culture of vice
"Chris is one of the best speakers we have had at Theology on Tap. His message resonates with people, even those who are struggling with their relationship with Christ. Many people raved about his talk and said they would love for us to bring him back again."
Mario Bruschi
Theology on Tap, NYC
"Hearing Chris speak opened my eyes to the Gospel message in a completely new way. He speaks with conviction and a gentle authority that cuts to the core. His zeal for spreading the Gospel is contagious and inspires others to action."
Daniel Tansill
Coordinator of Campus Outreach and Evangelization
All Saints Catholic Newman Center, Tempe AZ
"Chris’ teaching and personal testimony played a pivotal role in my conversion to Catholicism. I found his conviction for the Catholic Church to be incredibly powerful in helping me understand why the Catholic Church teaches the truth by which we should all lead our lives. I am eternally grateful for Chris and his ministry."
Andy Marsee
Queen Creek, AZ
"I was raised Catholic but like so many, I fell away from the Church after high school for many years.  Attending the Faith Uncovered series provided me with a deepened understanding of my faith and helped bring me back to the Church.  I strongly recommend this series for anyone who wants to know the life God has intended for us."
Tom McNally
Gilbert, AZ
"The New Evangelization calls us to witness the everlasting truths of the faith with renewed vigor and ardor. Chris’ dynamic approach teaches these truths of the faith as ‘Good News’, his knowledge, passion, and joy for the faith is contagious. Adults will be inspired and challenged by his articulate and insightful witness."
Ryan Hanning
Director of Parish Leadership Support
Diocese of Phoenix
"Chris has taught at our parish many times over the past 3 years. He is an excellent speaker and his testimony inspires others to live their faith to the fullest. When Chris speaks he radiates!"
Paula Seamans
Director of Christian Formation
Queen of Peace, Mesa AZ


Chris Zajdzinski is a former Non-Denominational Christian who at one time believed the Catholic Church was a heretical non-Christian organization. His perception began to change when the theological inconsistencies and conflicts within Protestant Christianity led him to study Catholicism with an open mind. After an intense journey of prayer and study, Chris came to firmly believe that the authority of Christ is found within the Catholic Church. He entered the Church along with his wife and 4 children on Divine Mercy Sunday 2008.

Chris is passionate about helping others develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith. He has a unique ability to connect with an audience and effectively present the truths of Christianity as the foundation for a life of joy, peace and happiness. His passion and joy for the faith is contagious, and his dynamic approach inspires people to take action.

As the founder and Executive Director of Virtuous Life, Chris' mission is to be an encouragement to others in their faith and help equip them to share the 'Good News'. He serves as the Coordinator of the New Evangelization at St Timothy Parish in Mesa, AZ, and is currently pursuing his M.A. in Theology from the Augustine Institute.

Chris Zajdzinski is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Bureau, CMG Booking.

Virtuous Life  can help support your parish efforts in apologetics, evangelization and catechesis. Contact Chris to speak at your next event!

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